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White magic for love

Today our guest is spellcaster Maxim SPELLSHELP, one of the most powerful spellcasters in the world famous for his extraordinary love magic skills. He’s kindly agreed to answer our questions and tell us about his work and how to cast white love spells and what mistakes to avoid.


How powerful is white magic for love?


– Hello dear spellcaster Maxim. To begin with, let us thank you for agreeing to see us and answer our questions. Before we begin, we’d like to ask you about your work experience and background. How long have you been practicing magic? Why did you decide to pursue this career? And why did you choose love magic of all branches of magic?

White magic for love– I’ve been practicing magic for over thirty years in total, and twenty of those years I’ve been specializing in love spells. I decided to become a spellcaster because at one point I realized it was my calling. Innate magical abilities are like a talent for drawing or music. If you have it, that’s all you can think about. I’ve been passionate about magic since childhood and I still am. Nothing’s changed. I feel thrilled every time I help someone and I’m grateful to this person for letting me help him or her. On rare occasions when a love spell proves less effective than I expected, I feel very sad and frustrated, but I know it’s what can make me a better at my job because it shows where I might lack some skills or knowledge. I never stop learning and sharpening my skills. That’s why my love spells get better yielding better results each year. 

– Was white magic for love your conscious choice? Do spell casters working for Higher Powers have a choice at all?

– Spell casters always have a choice like any person. So yes, white magic was my conscious choice. To be honest, I’m not a fan of black magic. I don’t like what, for example, voodoo shamans do to their targets. They bend them to their will. They damage their mind and soul. Like Matrix emissaries, they force people to live in a simulated reality which goes against their true fate. They don’t make people happy. Unlike black magic, my magic makes people happy. It helps them find true love and love makes them better, adding meaning to their life. They become more courageous, adventurous, they learn how to love themselves which is essential for sensual pleasures. It boosts their self-esteem and helps them discover their hidden talents. I’ve posted many articles about it on my website called Spellcaster Maxim. Visit it and you’ll understand why I chose white love magic and why I’m so happy about this choice.

You asked me why I chose love magic and why I believe white love spells are more important than other spells. To answer your question, I want to ask you this: Is there anything more important in life than love? When people think about their past, do they think about the food they’ve enjoyed or the money they’ve earned? No. That’s not what they think about. These memories don’t have true value and don’t make people happy. Only love does… whether it’s in the past, present or future.


More questions to spellcaster Maxim


– What’s the difference between white and black magic spells? Does it matter what makes a person love? If love results from an incantation, it’s not real, right? If so, is there a point choosing between black and white magic wizards, and black and white magic spells?

– The difference is huge, at least because love created by me and trained sorcerers like me is real. My black magic colleagues create not love but addiction, similar to gambling or drug addiction.

When I take on a project, my goal is to remove negative energy from my client. Believe it or not, if our reality was free of destructive energy, people would always love and be loved just as much. You would never have to look for a perfect partner because every human being would be a perfect partner for you. But that’s not the case and this is where I and other occult experts step in.

Let’s assume I’m contacted by a lady who says her biggest dream is to be with a specific man. The man doesn’t love her and needs my help to fall in love with her. His mind and soul are hostages to false beliefs. He’s convinced that:

- He needs a woman with certain looks;

- He needs a woman with certain manners;

- He needs a woman with a certain social status;

- He needs a woman everyone would be jealous of;

- He’s worried a relationship will affect his career;

- He’s afraid of a serious relationship;

- He’s convinced women want to be with him because of his money.

When I use white magic for love, I remove all these beliefs from the target’s head. As a result, he no longer sees my client as a threat or just another girl who’s not good enough for him. He sees her inner beauty, falls in love with her imperfect looks, moves, with her smile and voice. He thinks she’s perfect and everything about her is perfect. This is the definition of true love. Some say love is blind, but I disagree. Love is what opens your eyes and lets you see the world for what it is.

– But a person can’t stay in this state forever…

– Of course, he can’t. So I warn my clients that my spells have an expiration date. Usually it’s a few years. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. You can order another love spell anytime and things will get back to normal. A few years later the love spell will start fading again and I again will re-cast it. This is how I can give my clients strong relationships that last for as long as they want them to.

I’d like to add that you can speed up the end of your relationship with your actions. It happens when you radiate negative energy with your anger, jealousy, selfishness, high demands, and constant complaints. Your negative energy surrounds your significant other like a cocoon which eventually prevents him from seeing your inner beauty and your goodness. On the other hand, if you truly love and care for your loved one, if you support him and show him your affection every time he needs it, you radiate positive energy which strengthens the love he has for you in his heart.


White love spells


White love spells- Is this why there is no point casting white love spells without proper training?

– I’ve repeatedly told my readers on my Spellcaster Maxim website that the decision to cast or not to cast a white love spell should be made based on the strength of one’s feelings for the target. If your love is pure and strong, then you’re sending your energy with sparks of love at this person simply by thinking about him. A simple white magic love incantation will make the sparks bigger, triggering a magical effect on him. The stronger your love, the stronger the love spell. So it’s okay to try. Worst-case scenario, your ritual will show you what you really feel for the target and how well you can control your energy.

– Can you recommend some basic love spell any reader could cast as soon as they finish reading this article?

– No problem. Take a printed photo of the person you love. If you don’t have one, find it on social media, save it on your device (your smartphone or tablet), open it, sit in your favorite chair, look your loved one in the eyes, and start telling him about your feelings. Tell him what you remember about the day you first met, tell him how much you miss him. Share your dreams with him. I know people who got a phone call or a text from the target while performing this simple ritual! Moreover, a few times the target showed up to say hi to the person casting this spell. It’s like the spell drew them like a magnet to the spell caster.

– But trained spell casters are still better, aren’t they?

– Trained professionals are always better. At everything. Don’t you agree? Love magic is no exception. If you want to be with someone or to attract someone, contact a trained and skilled sorcerer, such as me, spellcaster Maxim. I accept orders from everyone who wants their dreams about love to become a reality.

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